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Leisure Real Estate Brokers

Brent Jaynes

Brent Jaynes is one of the co-founding members of Leisure Real Estate Advisors LLC with over 30 years of investment... View Article

Dave Jones

Dave joined Leisure Real Estate Advisors, LLC, as an Associate in 2009. Prior to entering the hotel brokerage business, Dave... View Article

Mike Works

For hospitality listings, Mike collaborates with Leisure Real Estate Advisors, LLC via an affiliate relationship through his brokerage company, Kingsland... View Article

Randal Dent Headshot

Randal Dent

Randal joined Leisure Real Estate Advisors, LLC, as a Hospitality Investment Advisor in 2016. He possesses over 12 years of... View Article

Nihar Patel

Prior to joining Leisure Real Estate Advisors, Nihar Patel’s introduction to the hotel industry began over a decade ago when... View Article

David Hasvold Headshot

David Hasvold

Dave brings operational and hotel ownership expertise that is not very common in the hotel brokerage business. He has the... View Article