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Is Meth the New “Mold”

August 25, 2016 8:58 am

The manufacturing of methamphetamine leaves residues that can be quite toxic. As a result, regulations have been instituted to protect the public from housing where previous meth use and manufacturing took place.

The original meth regulations were brought to be through the extensive use of residual housing to manufacture the meth products. Meth use and manufacturing has become more prevalent in multifamily, commercial real estate and hotels. Depending on the state, a meth discovery in your property can initiate a series of local or state regulations to determine whether meth is present and what needs to be done if it is.

William Frye posted a brief article in the online version of Lodging,which should get you thinking about investigating the mandatory protocols that could affect your property if a meth discovery is made at your hotel. Here is the link: http://lodgingmagazine.com/meth-labs-a-dangerous-hotel-challenge/